Who is Macitt and what are we about? We are computer geeks to be frank. We love the web and all it has to offer with it’s endless possibilities. Every day is a new learning experience which provides constant mental growth that we
love so much. Now we have a place to share our knowledge and experience with anyone that is interested.oh-boy-here-we-go Yes that is James Carrey and yes it was an appropriate time for that. Did you not ever just want the freedom to put whatever you wanted in your own site 🙂 I hear Mel Gibson yelling at the top of his lungs..”FReeeedommmmmmm!!!”. Oh the joys of it.
We will be writing On everything from:

  • Computer related items
  • Video games
  • Video game Movies
  • Search engine optimization
  • Even classic toys and collecting

Pure nerd birds here. There is some good stuff out there that you probably don’t even know about! We really look forward to sharing it with you and hearing you comments.  We look forward to future blogs and sharing. feel free to contact us and say hello on our contact page. We love and invite any creative ideas, pictures, funny stories, and just thought in general. all are welcome, just please keep it positive and pg-13ish.

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