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Hello and welcome. We truly are your professional computer geeks

We are here to give you an informative blog that let fill you in  on all the latest happenings around the world in computers. As the industry changes at such a mind blowing fast pace with brand new technologies and cutting edge ways to work, we follow and look out for all the news and latest gadgets and tricks in the technology industry.

The Computer industry of today has so many new components and we want our blog to provide depth and useful information for you the user. We will be covering various aspects and components used with computers today. Basically we are a website  that is a tutorial blog which will be randomly updated to provide simple to understand information on various different topics around computers and other various geeky things.

This blog website is aiming to provide top quality information and content in an array of sub fields of computing like web design, Search engine optimization, web marketing, web development, ROI, branding, affiliate marketing, WordPress plug ins, breaking technology and other related areas in the field of computer, tech and random things that interest us at the moment.

Our real goal is to provide you with engaging and useful information that you and other readers find value in. We look forward to sharing useful tips, top notch material, news about the latest and greatest in the market, technology in general and so much more. We also aim to provide you with first class knowledge about leading edge methods and techniques as well as a leading edge technology used by the best of the best in the field of computing.

So without winding this out too far, lets get started with the meat of todays topics in the online world, or, at least our online world. Search Engine optimization. We have so much to say and cover. from good to bad and everything in-between. How you can make money with it and how you cast lose a ton of money without it. Don’t miss this article as it will be right up next so stay tuned…

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